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As April comes to a close, I thought I’d share some of what I have learned in the course of the month. This month was so long, it seems I should have a lot of wisdom to impart. But, what I do know is what I have learned this month has allowed me to grow into a stronger version of myself.

  1. We always have an opportunity to develop new skills, whether it’s how to conduct a webinar or how to build a chicken coop.  
  2. Disciplined daily habits are the key to success.  
  3. Teachers are a critical part of our society. They have a skill set that I believe every parent has learned to value. 
  4. The greatest gift of humanity we can give is looking beyond ourselves and caring for people around us. This is especially true when we are struggling internally.
  5. I truly value the connections I have with other individuals. Finding new ways to connect has been challenging but rewarding.
  6. I’m so thankful for the people who have continued to work with the public even during this time. This includes the gas attendants, grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, delivery drivers and all other essential business workers.  
  7. Hearing a different perspective can help me grow and expand.  
  8. The best solution to a problem may end up being your third solution. Don’t give up when you get the first idea – keep brainstorming until you get two more. You may be surprised at how much better your final solution will be if you keep working through a few more options. 
  9. Take time to enjoy every moment. Joy comes from embracing the small things – not just celebrating the big ones.
  10. Don’t let fear hold you back. There are lots of great opportunities waiting if you give yourself permission to fail.

The great news is that the chicken coop is done. I just need to build in some protection for my chickens and then bring them to their new home!