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As 2016 comes to a close, it is time to set 2017 goals. Do you have in mind what you would like to achieve from a business perspective? Personally? In your relationships? Have you thought about how you are going to achieve your goals?

At a recent Vistage meeting, our chair asked each member of the group what our goals were for the upcoming year. And then he asked us to write down what we needed from the group in order to achieve those goals. But, then he shifted the perspective and asked what we were willing to give to the group in order to help achieve our goals.

I’ll be honest, this exercise made me uncomfortable. It was easy for me to give specifics about what they could do to help me succeed in 2017. But, as I shared with the group, the chair challenged me to answer what I would do to ensure the group could help me. After some gentle prodding, I had to admit that I would open myself up to their feedback and suggestions, even if it pushed me outside of my comfort zone.

As I reflected on this exercise, I started to realize the power in this shift in thought. It moves the conversation from ME (my goals) and YOU (what you are going to do to support me) to how WE can collectively be better.

As you set the goals for your business in 2017, have you thought about what you need from your organization in order to achieve those goals? Have you talked with your employees about their goals and what they need from you in order to achieve their goals? And then, have you asked what all of you are willing to give back to the organization in order to achieve those goals?