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If you are paying attention to the news, you know there is a lot of economic uncertainty right now.  Yes, our economy has been doing well over the past 3+ years, but several current factors may have an impact, including the upcoming election, Boeing’s 737 Max, the European economy including Brexit, and the coronavirus.  Each of these factors could or will affect our customers, our suppliers and ultimately our businesses.  If you are concerned about a decrease in sales, it is probably safe to assume that your customers have the same concern.

But here is the good news.  We can take steps now that will either prevent or minimize the effect of these factors on your businesses and your customers’ businesses. The following are 5 tips that will keep you on track to increased sales:

  1. Understand your value proposition to your customers. Do you know why your customers are buying from you?  Many assume it is because of your prices.  But that assumption is wrong probably 90% of the time. Customers are buying from you because you are helping them add value to their product or service.  But you won’t know the real reason unless you ask them.
  2. Ask your customers what other projects they are working on.  You may have other products that could help them achieve their desired results.  But don’t lead with your product benefits.  You need to understand what they are working on first.
  3. Offer ideas that could help them reduce their Total Cost of Operation.  This is different from lowering your price.  It could mean offering a more expensive product with a longer life, a different method of packaging or shipping, or an innovative approach to the current process.
  4. Bring positivity and energy to the conversation.  Don’t be afraid to talk about what you are doing internally to overcome current challenges.  This may spark some ideas for your customers to apply.
  5. Call your customers.  You won’t get the information you need through an email, no matter how diligently you ask all the above questions.  Even in this day and age, phone calls are better than emails or texts.

If you aren’t sure how to how these five tips can increase your sales, send me an email, and I’ll call you to demonstrate how I can quickly help increase your sales with my proven process.