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Addressing the Gaps in Your Systems

Your plant has highly detailed procedures on how to do each job.  The operators are trained not to deviate from the procedures.  But, what happens when a conscientious operator notices as problem with a part.  In order to properly process it, the operator must deviate from the procedure.  Without a system which instructs the operator how to handle   this situation, scrap parts may be made.

So, what does the operator do?  Deviate from the procedure or blindly follow the process?

W. Edwards Deming, considered the patriarch of process control was quoted as saying, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” John Hunter, author of Management Matters summed this is up best by saying, “relying on heroic measures is a bad way to manage.”

If you want your people to be successful, you need to put the systems in place in order to allow them to do that. If you find your employees are making a lot of mistakes, perhaps the training system needs to be augmented in order to prevent mistakes from happening.  If you find your employees aren’t consistently performing at the level that is required, maybe it is time to review the processes they use on a daily basis and address those areas that are causing issues.

I love super heroes, but, I wouldn’t want to have to depend on them every day to make my business successful!