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KPI-Thrive™ Investment Casting Training

KPI-Thrive™ is your personalized investment casting training tool that brings key employees up to speed faster while implementing process control tools in your foundry. In conjunction with the KPI-Thrive™ Process Control modules,  there are over 18 modules covering variability in each of the key areas in the investment casting process. You may select a few modules, or perhaps all 18 of them, if you have an employee who is new to the process. Each module has practical application of process control tools to be implemented in your foundry. For example, Module 1 includes a process flow map for the specific part as it moves through the process. Module 2 teaches pareto analysis so that the part scrap rate can be defined and understood. At the completion of each module, the employee will complete a deliverable that relates directly to implementing process control in your plant.

KPI-Thrive™ is structured with weekly webinars between the employee and KPI along with periodic on-site visits to reinforce the training and provide hands-on support. You will receive monthly reports on the progress of the training and you will be able to measure the ROI of KPI-thrive on your business.

In addition to the technical aspects of the program, some of the training is around other skills that may be needed in order to be successful in your organization, such as operator training and time management. You also have the opportunity to provide input on specific areas of coaching that could further develop your employee.

Some of the topics included in KPI-Thrive™ are:


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Process Flow Mapping
Pareto Analysis
Cause & Effect Diagrams
Attribute R&R
Finishing KOVs
Foundry Best Practices
Dewax Operation
Shell Best Practices
Wax Assembly Best Practices
Wax Injection Best Practices
Slurry Testing


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Control Charts
Operator Training
CE Matrix
Problem Solving Methodology
Cp vs Cpk