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I’ve been keeping busy this summer – enjoying the puppy, time outside and of course, the often elusive Pacific Northwest sunshine.  A few weeks ago, I noticed some aphids on one of my Brussel Sprout plants.  I’ve struggled with aphids in the past and my solution was to remove the infected plant.  I’ve also avoided putting aphid loving veggies in my garden which really isn’t a good solution (though I think my husband is OK with this).  I decided that this year is the year to learn how to manage those little pests.

But, again, I’ve been busy with summer so it took me a few days to research how to handle aphids (soap and water), then a few days to order the pure Castile soap and a more than a few days to actually go up and spray the plant.  Well, the culmination of all of those days resulted in my plant being eaten alive.  These little tiny aphids killed my plant and they started on to my adjacent plants too. Fortunately, I sprayed all the remaining Brussel Sprout plants and as of a week later, they seemed to have survived.

I started thinking about how the same thing can happen to a business.  An unhappy employee left to fester can impact the employees around him and destroy the culture.  If you sense there is a problem with an employee, talk to the employee, understand the issue and take steps to address it.  Because if you don’t, the health of your employee, the surrounding employees and the company are at risk of being destroyed.  Whether you are growing a garden or cultivating your business, learning how to manage pests is a necessary skill for ongoing success.