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With the election season over (finally), I was thinking about how we pick our elected officials.  Do we pick them because they are like us?  Do we pick them because we respect them?  Do we pick them because they are qualified to do the job? Or do we pick them because we don’t like any of the other options?

From that, I started to think about how we choose our employees.  Do we pick employees that have similar interests? Do we pick employees based on their personality? Or do we pick employees because they are qualified to do the job?

Studies show that we are drawn to people who are like us and this is especially true during the hiring process.  But, the reality is, you don’t want a company full of people who think the same way. This may minimize conflict but it also limits exposure to other ideas or viewpoints.  You want a workforce that brings different thoughts and ideas along with the desired skill set to be a valuable team member.  Terry Tigner, Managing Partner at Next Level commented that the purpose of diversity is to bring a new perspective into the workplace and if you aren’t taking advantage of that perspective, then you are missing a key advantage.

So, as you look for new employees to bring into your organization, ask yourself what skill set/personality/perspective could augment what you already have in place?  Have you created a culture that is willing to accept different perspectives and viewpoints? Are you comfortable with people who have different personalities that may challenge your current workforce but could help move your organization forward?

Being aware of these issues as you move through the hiring process will aid your organization in building the optimal team to allow your business thrive.