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KPI-Thrive™ Operator Training

Feedback from the ICI’s 2014 Fall Technical Conference Operator Training panel confirmed most companies don’t have a robust operator training program. And most managers admit that they just don’t know where to begin.

Key Process Innovations has been working with companies all over the country to develop a process which ensures a training program has the necessary elements to adequately train your employees.  This system is guaranteed to reduce process variability, enhance operator training effectiveness and ultimately improve part quality.

training cycle single


Step 1: Measure. Prior to making any changes, it is important to measure how your process is performing.  This will establish a baseline to compare improvements against and ensure any implemented improvements are sustained.

Step 2: Analyze. Using the data gathered in the Measure phase, analyze the data looking for areas that may be causing inefficiencies in the process.  Tools that can be used are value stream mapping or skills matrix.

Step 3: Improve.  Take steps to address the issues identified in the Analyze phase.

Step 4: Implement. This is when the operators are trained.  As you can see, a lot of work needs to be done prior to training the operators.  Making sure that each of the previous steps are complete prior to moving on, will help ensure the operators get the most out of their training.

Do you want to have the necessary framework as your business begins to grow? Let’s work together to develop a customized training process for your plant.  Send me an email to get started today!