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Over the past week, I’ve been watching the Olympic trials. This is Michael Phelp’s fifth Olympic games and he has really transformed himself, especially over the past four years.  After qualifying in the 100M Butterfly, Michael had a press conference with his coach, Bob Bowman.  He talked about how he has been working really hard over the past 16 years and then he laughed and said, “Actually, Bob has been working hard for the past 16 years, I have been working hard for about 10 years.” What struck me is that his coach was the one who was pushing Michael to be better. I am sure that Michael wanted to be successful, but, it was his coach who set the direction and tone of his training.  What would have happened if Bob hadn’t been working hard? Would Michael still have been as successful?

I’ve talked about ways to get operators engaged and involved in their daily activities, but, I think what is often overlooked is the importance of a strong leader who is guiding the team.  Without that guidance, imagine where the team would end up.  As you look at your leadership, do you see some areas where you could be more effective?

Brendon Burchard, a world renowned motivational speaker talks about honoring the struggle.  As a business owner, leader or manager, you know that success requires hard work and sacrifice.  But, we all know that there are days when we are worn down by the struggle. And, if your team is sensing that your energy is waning, they might not be motivated to give you their all.

If you are feeling worn down, it may be time to assess why. Personally, I have found that the times when I feel the most burned out are times when I realize my life isn’t balanced.  One of the key areas in my life aren’t getting the necessary focus, i.e: emotional, relational, spiritual, physical or intellectual.  Or perhaps, my current goals aren’t realistic or aren’t what I truly desire for my business or for myself.  Or it may be as simple as needing a little time off in order to recharge my batteries.

As a leader, you owe it to your team to take the necessary actions to make sure you have all the resources you need in order to assist your team in meeting their goals and objectives.

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