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Starting a new job can be a little stressful.   Meeting new people, learning new tasks and an adjusting to a new workplace culture.  Can you think back to your first day with your current employer?  Were you nervous? Excited? How were you greeted by your new peers?  Was everyone expecting you?

Some employers seem burned out from the hiring phase – it is like a revolving door for new employees.  Employees are hired and then they leave within a week or two resulting in more time and money spent on recruiting and training.

Without a doubt, hiring employees has gotten much more difficult in recent years.  There is a shortage of skilled workers who have the workplace competencies needed in manufacturing.  So, recruiting qualified candidates is much more difficult.  (Check out this article on tips on recruiting the most qualified employees.)

But, once you have selected a qualified employee, you want to make them feel welcome. Have you thought about the first impression you give your new employee on their first day?  Could you do more to let your new employees know you view them as a valuable member of your team?  Here are few suggestions that could help in retaining your new employees:

  • Interview current employees about what they thought about their first day, week or month with the company.  What was their impression of how they were welcomed by the company?  What is one thing they would like to see improved or implemented?
  • Establish a mentor program so veteran employees can assist new hires assimilate into the culture.
  • Create an employee based committee to assist in developing and instituting the onboarding process.  You might even consider allowing them to participate in interviewing candidates.
  • Provide a checklist for the hiring manager or supervisor so they can ensure the company is prepared for a new employee prior to the first day.

Establishing an onboarding program is an important part of retaining your work force (check out this blog for more information on onboarding).  But, don’t overlook the importance of making a good impression on the first day.  Making the employee feel welcome and helping them adjust to your culture can help retain a valuable new employee.

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