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KPI-thrive™ is a unique, proprietary operator training system designed by Key Process Innovations (KPI) to train personnel on the process while implementing the necessary tools guaranteed to reduce process variability and improve part quality. Think of it as your personalized tool for implementing process control in your plant.

Customized Operator Training Systems

Training new operators takes a robust training process.  Without a process, the learning curve will be much steeper resulting in additional costs due to scrap and re-work.  Tried of leaving your training to chance?  Let’s work together to develop a customized training process for your plant.  Click here for more information.

Process Control Training

Using process control techniques can help reduce variability and increase profits.  Does your team need some hands-on training to understand how to apply these tools?  We can work together to identify the best tools to applied in your process so you can reap the benefits of a better controlled process. Click here for more information.

Investment Casting Process Training

Some of your employees may need some more in-depth knowledge of the investment casting process.  Perhaps you have a long time employee who was recently promoted to a new position? Or you have a talented engineer who needs to learn more about the investment casting process and how to implement process control techniques.  We have a training program that can be customized to your employee.  Click here for more information.