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Are you asking the right questions to determine fit and competency?

Have you ever walked out of a job interview and wondered what the point of some of the questions were?  During one interview, I was asked what book I was reading.  I thought to myself which answer would be better: “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking or “50 Shades of Gray” by E.L. James?  Will my answer impact whether I get the job or not?

When I think about silly interview questions, I am reminded of The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  So, I thought I’d include that clip.  As you watch this, think about the questions that you are asking your candidates.  Are the questions centered around determining whether the candidate has the skills necessary to perform the job?  Will you learn if they will fit into the company culture?  Can you ascertain if the position is one that the candidate will find fulfilling?

The Internship: The Big Interview

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Hiring new employees can be challenging.  You want to find someone who will work well with the existing team, bring new ideas and also thrive in company culture.

So, spend time thinking about the right questions that capture how the candidate approaches difficult situations, how he has solved problems similar to what he will face in your company and what values she finds important in the work place.

If you spend that time ahead of the interview, the odds of choosing the right candidate are greater than the odds of your miniature self escaping from a blender.